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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Advice

            Giving Our Customers Peace of Mind

If you are still planning to travel, we are putting the following measures in place. The health and wellbeing of our employees and customers remains our top priority.

-   Limiting capacity on services to a maximum of 50% to help social distancing

 -   Enhanced cleaning of vehicles and all onboard customer touch points

-   As a company, we have instructed our detailing staff to pay extra attention in detailing the vehicle by sanitizing them daily and in-between trips.

-   Our detailing staff has been utilizing a disinfecting solution to clean and disinfect the interior of the vehicle concentrating on the door handles (both inside and out), locks, seat belts, heat/ac/radio controls, etc. in both the front and the rear of the vehicle.

-  Our chauffeurs do not greet clients with a handshake and if a chauffeur handles luggage, the chauffeur should wipe down the luggage with anti-bacterial wipes, before passing the luggage back to the client.

- All chauffeurs are instructed to stay at home if they show any signs of symptoms.

- All chauffeurs are instructed to have closed area around them (a minimum of 2m)

- All entrances/exits of the bus is through the back-door to avoid unnecessary contact with the driver.

Our drivers, customer service teams, operational teams have been working incredibly hard to keep our services running safely. We want to thank them for their efforts and will continue to do all we can to support everyone who works in our business at this challenging time.

Contacting us during COVID-19

We are working hard to maintain our levels of customer service. In order to respond to your enquiries in a timely manner, we ask that you utilise the following email addresses:

Offer, New Booking, Cancellation and Booking Amendment  or,

Invoice Query -

Thank you for your understanding


If any questions do arise, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We always strive to give you the best experience and look forward to take care of you during your next transport. 


MR Reisen - About us


MR Reisen Ltd. was established in Pilisszentiván in 2009 as a  family-run personal transport company.

Since the establishment we have been growing and we have become a significant company on this market.

Our main goal is to provide the best quality service at competitive prices and high flexibility.

Thanks to our correct business behaviour, we succeeded in building long-term partnerships.

Our partners are mainly firms, schools, travel agencies and private persons.

               We provide the following:

-          high-quality coach service

-          availability by phone 24/7

-          qualified regularly trained staff

-          ISO9001-ISO14001 quality insurance system

                   We organize our services for:

-          local bus service

-          sightseeing

-          city transfers

-          school and college services

-       transport of tourists all over Europe 


Our coaches are checked and maintained regularly by the official service stations and our own garage team.

Our buses comply with the European Union Regulations.

The fleet consists of 9-61 seater modern vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking system, CD/DVD system, A/C and they meet the safety requirements.


You are travelling – we’ve got buses. Let’s do something amazing together.

Contact us and we will send you an offer as soon as possible.

Good to know

BUS Rules and Important Information

Daily driving time: The maximum daily driving time is 9 hours, which can be lengthened to 10 hours twice a week (i.e. from 0 a.m. on Monday till 24 p.m. on Sunday). The daily driving time must be observed between two, at least 9-hour rests. Any driving length exceeding 9 hours (e.g. 9 hours and 5 minutes) exploits one of the two chances of extended driving time per week.

Daily rest: A daily rest must be observed within 24 hours from the start of the shift. It can be either regular (at least 11 hours) or shortened (less than 11 hours, but at least 9 hours). A regular one may be observed in a 3-hour part and a 9-hour part separately.
During international routes, in case of two drivers, the 24-hour period lengthens to 30 hours in which the drivers must keep their respective 9-hour rests.

Breaks: After a maximum of four and a half hours of driving a rest must be kept for 45 consecutive minutes, which can be replaced by an at least 15-minute rest and a subsequent minimum of 30-minute rest.


Safety Policy
MR Reisen Ltd. highest priority is our passenger’s safety.


Only the driver may open and close the doors.

Seatbelts must be fasten when bus is in motion.

Throwing objects through windows is forbidden.

No leaning out of the window.

No weapon of any form on board.

No drinking and eating while on bus.

Do not smoke

Bus must be kept clean. No littering. Help keep the bus in good shape by clearing your personal items ( use a  trash) and treating the bus as your own.

Clean clothing must be worn.

Disciplined behaviour is expected while on bus: no swearing, shouting, physical fights, etc.

Do not damage bus or equipment

Follow the driver’s instructions while riding.


 MR Reisen Ltd. has as main mission to ensure the safety for our passengers and employees.
Our drivers are regularly trained in road safety, skid control. Daily check that all drivers have the right qualifications to drive the vehicles. Traffic management that ensures that transport agreements for drivers / carriers is fulfilled.

ISO 9001 - quality

Management Systems help you introduce robust processes and procedures to improve the quality of your service, increase business efficiency and minimise your environmental impact.

An ISO certification for your logistics business could provide the following benefits:

  • More efficient services
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Improved management of security risks
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased business – both new and existing
  • Enhanced reputation, by demonstrating your commitment to meeting international standards of excellence.





Data Controller: MR Reisen Kft. (Erzsébet park 2., 2084 Pilisszentiván, Hungary) – thereafter Data Controller
User data known and managed by Data Controller:
  • name
  • address
  • email address
  • telephone number
As Data Controller we ensure that the above mentioned data collected and received from the Users will be treated confidentially and will not be transferred to third party.
Furthermore, we do all action for the security of the data to protect them from access, change, deletion and forwarding by unauthorized persons.
Naturally, it is obligatory for all employees, who are involved in the management of the data in any way.
By accepting the Data Protection Information below, Users voluntarily agree that the data is known and managed by the Data Controller.
Users are entitled to ask the Data Controller for information regarding the management of their personal data and to request the deletion of their data. (
If the User requests any information on their collected personal data, the Data Controller strives to fulfil that within the shortest possible time, but within 30 days at the latest under the provisions of current regulations in force.
The Data Controller manages the above mentioned data in their own data basis until the User requests them to be deleted (
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