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BUS Rules and Important Information

Daily driving time: The maximum daily driving time is 9 hours, which can be lengthened to 10 hours twice a week (i.e. from 0 a.m. on Monday till 24 p.m. on Sunday). The daily driving time must be observed between two, at least 9-hour rests. Any driving length exceeding 9 hours (e.g. 9 hours and 5 minutes) exploits one of the two chances of extended driving time per week.

Daily rest: A daily rest must be observed within 24 hours from the start of the shift. It can be either regular (at least 11 hours) or shortened (less than 11 hours, but at least 9 hours). A regular one may be observed in a 3-hour part and a 9-hour part separately.
During international routes, in case of two drivers, the 24-hour period lengthens to 30 hours in which the drivers must keep their respective 9-hour rests.

Breaks: After a maximum of four and a half hours of driving a rest must be kept for 45 consecutive minutes, which can be replaced by an at least 15-minute rest and a subsequent minimum of 30-minute rest.


Safety Policy
MR Reisen Ltd. highest priority is our passenger’s safety.


Only the driver may open and close the doors.

Seatbelts must be fasten when bus is in motion.

Throwing objects through windows is forbidden.

No leaning out of the window.

No weapon of any form on board.

No drinking and eating while on bus.

Do not smoke

Bus must be kept clean. No littering. Help keep the bus in good shape by clearing your personal items ( use a  trash) and treating the bus as your own.

Clean clothing must be worn.

Disciplined behaviour is expected while on bus: no swearing, shouting, physical fights, etc.

Do not damage bus or equipment

Follow the driver’s instructions while riding.


 MR Reisen Ltd. has as main mission to ensure the safety for our passengers and employees.
Our drivers are regularly trained in road safety, skid control. Daily check that all drivers have the right qualifications to drive the vehicles. Traffic management that ensures that transport agreements for drivers / carriers is fulfilled.